In the famous 60's, Positano, besides being a hippy phenomenon, experimented and created the interesting phenomenon: "Positano Fashion".

When you left the city for a walk on the beach, often one did not feel at ease, due to inappropriate clothing, as magically, the climate of this golden bay is always soft, then left in Search for sarongs, shorts, shorts, bikinis and everything that could be used on the beach or on the boat.

So the first ceramic shops, souvenirs, etc ... Have been searched for this type of requests. As the inhabitants were traders of origin, they created the famous "Positano Fashion" bringing to the success the designers of the region, carving scarves, linen or cotton towels, and sometimes even ruining the bridal trousers, transforming very fine sheets embroidered to Hand and old lace or crocheted tablecloths, in very elegant evening dresses.

This extravagant fashion is appreciated from the first moments, because it was different and unthinkable by the local designers. The "pezzari" (Neapolitan designer), helped by the beauty of the place, had a number of extravagant and wealthy customers, but with a great desire for "diversity", went to stock up on the flea markets, finish.

They were the improvisational commercial designers themselves who helped entrepreneurs like Benetton and Fiorucci, to invent the dyed garment to give more choice of colors, importing the Indian gauze mixed with old lace stolen from the shops, Calling attention to many designers Producing white garments and giving a myriad of colors according to the needs of the customers, own in Positano.

Many small shops were born like the mushrooms, and in one of them, Giacomo Cinque expresses all his love to the embroideries and the art, realizing even in extravagant garments of clothes and still unpublished.

And so to always make unique clothes, rolled the various antique markets, and joins Riccardo Ruggiti and together opened Antica Sartoria shops on the beach of Positano, either in the center of the village, in the "Piazza dei Mulini" Where the ritual is to redo the suitcases to continue the vacations.

Given the need and lack of designers and shops, and the continuous discovery of new places to produce, with our taste and our culture, we kept the prices affordable for a tourist attentive to the details, but always with the suitcase open.

Thus we produce all over the world and sell to the whole world, but with the heart, culture and spirit of Positano.

In the famous 1960s, in addition to Positano being a hippy phenomenon, experimented and created the interesting phenomenon: "Positano Fashion".