Exclusive French brand with boho chic style garments. Garments made by hand and with very original designs. LAURIE & JOE garments are authentic jewels that do not go out of style. Their garments are made with natural and high quality fabrics with many embroidery, lace and rhinestones.



  • Long dresses

    The long dresses by LAURIE & JOE are designed with a lot of style so that you look them on any occasion. They combine quality fabrics with lace and lots of rhinestones.

  • Short dresses

    The short dresses by LAURIE & JOE have very exclusive designs that combine lace with a lot of rhinestones and embroideries with style.

  • Blouses and tops

    Exclusive blouses with stunning designs and lots of rhinestones from the French firm LAURIE & JOE

  • Shorts

    Pants with very exclusive designs of the French firm LAURIE & JOE

  • Jackets

    Exclusive jackets with very original designs and high quality fabrics from the French firm LAURIE & JOE.

  • Skirts

    The most original and stylish skirts of the French firm LAURIE & JOE.

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