The Smith family founded Hot Lava in 2001 after many trips around the world where they were deeply inspired by all the different cultures and their beautiful jewelry and fashion. Ancestral techniques of handmade embellishment, embroidery and printing fabrics were to become the foundation of this Dutch based fashion brand.

At Hot Lava’s head office in The Hague, The Netherlands and in Bali Hot Lava’s team create every season a women’s collection made of free flowing, soft fabrics, natural materials and stunning colours. This combination of elements is what makes Hot Lava unique in its proposition. Hot Lava is providing what women from around the world are nowadays looking for: authenticity and elegance. With their eclectic designs Hot Lava reflects a luxurious-bohemian art of living.

It has been an inspiring journey for the family since they started the brand. From a passion for travel came naturally a passion for fashion. Almost immediately Hot Lava found a place among the higher end boutiques. Working with the most dedicated and professional agencies they could wish for Hot Lava is now further expanding and distributed at high-end boutiques worldwide.

On this road to growth and expansion Hot Lava sees its as the highest importance that all products remain handmade in a fair trade production environment. Hot Lava works with independent small scale production facilities in the beautiful island of Bali, to guarantee the ‘’feel good’’ factor of its products and all people that are in direct contact with the Hot Lava family since the start of the brand. It should not only be fun to wear Hot lava, but also to make it! Hot Lava also refuses to use fur of any kind in their collection as they are like to see fashion as a result of human talent and not of animal suffering.

Made with love, wear with joy!

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